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Founded in New York, the company has embraced the real estate and construction industries, providing unrivaled expertise and results for their partners and clients.

Cedarwood is committed to constantly evolve in order to address the changing needs of the real estate industry. The company is driven to forming new alliances, creating contemporary structures for future real estate transactions and looking ahead to maximizing returns and results for both its investors and clients.

Summerset Apartments
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170 acres special purpose

Sullivan County NY
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420 units Multi Family Class A

Fort Lauderdale FL
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Hazlet NJ 84,000 SQFT

Reposition to Industrial
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100 key Hotel

Tom’s River, NJ


Based in NYC Cedarwood is a boutique consulting and investment firm concentrating on providing transactional solutions in all major asset classes

The principals of Cedarwood have over 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate space, which guarantees steady guidance, proven direction and continual incentives to advance this legacy into the future.

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One of Cedarwoods' commitments is to always go beyond the deal. Because the real estate market is so unique, the firm's clients rely on them to address both fundamental and more complicated needs.

The firm's value-added network includes connecting clients with expert accountants, attorneys, bankers, contractors, architects, and more. Additionally, the firm-with an eye on global news and local trends-fused with its market expertise is able to educate its clients on all facets of commercial real estate.


Overall, the firm takes great pride in guiding their clients through a smooth process to realize their real estate vision, and prides itself on continuing relationships long after the deal is done.